I received a defective/damaged item

Damaged or defective items received upon arrival can be caused due to several reasons, for instance, due to transport, or perhaps your item has a manufacturing defect.

Although we do our best in terms of quality control when processing all of our outgoing goods, these issues may sometimes unfortunately occur.

Did you receive a defective or damaged item? Then we will resolve it immediately.

Make sure to take a clear photo (or if applicable, a video) of the issue you are encountering with your items. If you come across any exterior damage done to your packaging, make sure to take a photo of this as well.

You can contact our Customer support team and send us the photos (or video) that showcase the issue you are encountering with your new product(s). In most cases, our support agents will be able to assess the situation and resolve your issue immediately, based on the photos or video you provided us with.