Frequently asked questions about darts

My shaft broke in half with one half stuck in the barrel

During a game of darts, it is a normal occurrence that one (or several) of your shafts may break during throws as these are basic utensils that may break at any time and need to be switched out regularly.
Shafts breaking usually happens due to direct impact with a hard surface during bounce-backs, and usually without the proper use of a dart mat or carpet.

When this happens, in a lot of cases the shaft may break off at its most fragile point, which is at the beginning of its threading.
Luckily, in most cases, it is rather easy to remove the broken piece from your barrel, even if it appears stuck.

When a portion of the broken shaft is still sticking out, you maybe be able to simply put some pressure on it with your finger, and turn it around until it comes out.

If this doesn't help, a broken-shaft remover may help, which makes it much easier to remove these pieces in no time.

If the broken shaft piece has broken off deeper into the barrel, you can try to use a small flat screwdriver or even a needle to twist it out by applying pressure to it.