Frequently asked questions about dartboards

How long will my dartbord stay in good condition?

The lifespan of a dartboard strongly depends on its use. When the dartboard is used a lot, it lasts less than when the dartboard is used less often. The way of throwing also plays an important role, when someone has a hard throw, the board will be damaged more quickly than when a soft throw is thrown. A distinction is made between recreational boards and professional boards. The Winmau and Unicorn are considered to be the best boards at the moment. Recreational darts players also look less critically at the dartboard than advanced or professional darts players. Professional dart players will want to replace a board more quickly when they see irregularities on the sisal. So there is no real answer to how long a dartboard lasts, it strongly depends on the use.
When you rotate the board regularly, you extend the life of the dartboard. You can easily remove the number ring from a board so that the board can be rotated. Based on 1 hour of darts per day, we recommend rotating the board a number of segments every week from the moment you start to see any wear. To prevent damage to the dartboard, we recommend regularly sharpening the tips to be well-rounded as both blunt and too sharp points may damage your dartboard.