Placing an order

I can't place my order/I'm not able to pay

When you are unable to place your order, there is a chance your cookie settings won't allow this. Please make sure to delete your cookies in this case and try again.


Another possibility is that you didn't insert the correct information. Always double-check the information you applied when you're experiencing difficulties with placing your order.

Having issues with your payment? Always make sure to select 'confirm' after every step, as well as when selecting your preferred payment method.

Sometimes, orders may be placed as concept (pending) orders due to the payment process not being correctly fulfilled. In this case, you will receive an automated 'Thank you' e-mail, which gets triggered due to the payment processor being used. If however, the payment process isn't finished, you will not receive your actual order confirmation containing your invoice, and your order will be placed on hold until further notice. In this case, we advise you to contact our customer support for further assistance.


Be advised that when paying with a credit card registered to a different account holder name or different country than the one it was distributed from, this transaction may be placed on hold by our payment platform due to a possible fraud match. If you used your credit card to place your order, and the order amount has been deducted from your account, but you have not received any order confirmation, please make sure to contact our support team immediately.