Problems with order

A product is missing from my order

A product that appears to be missing from your order can have several reasons. Perhaps, an error was made in our warehouse causing this particular item not to be processed/packed. Another reason could be that said product was last during transit due to your package being damaged.

In most cases, smaller times that are part of a larger order are placed in the packaging of bigger items. This way we reduce the chances of your items being lost while in transit and ensure a safer delivery.

For this reason, always be sure to check all the contents within your packaging and check the entire box it came in.

Do you still have reason to believe something is missing from your order? Then please make sure to take photo's that clearly showcase all the items you received, including the packaging you received them in.

Next to that, we ask you to sign a declaration stating you did not receive a product within your order. You can contact our support team regarding this procedure by clicking here.

Through this procedure, our support team will be able to assess your situation much more accurately and provide a faster solution.