Gift Voucher

Dartshopper gift vouchers & Store credit

Did you receive a Dartshopper gift voucher or a discount code through the mail?

You can easily apply these codes to your order by redeeming them while checking out your order in the 'DISCOUNT CODE / GIFT VOUCHER' section.

Be aware that these codes may not cover any shipping costs.

Got something to celebrate and want to surprise your darts-loving friend(s) but don't know what to get them? We offer Dartshopper gift vouchers, which can be used on our site to purchase free or additional products on top of their order.

We offer gift vouchers in several different price categories which can be redeemed for almost all products we offer on our site.

Available in the following variants: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $50, $70, and $100

Our policy regarding gift vouchers & discount codes:

  • The gift voucher/discount code amount must be redeemed in a single order.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be used for pending orders.
  • Gift vouchers and the remaining amount that is on them cannot be redeemed for actual money.
  • When the total order amount is higher than the amount on your gift voucher/discount code, the remaining amount has to be paid with one of the available payment methods. 
  • All gift vouchers are sent through e-mail, we do not ship physical gift cards.
  • The use of a gift voucher/discount code may lower the total amount of your order causing your order to no longer meet the minimum order amount.
  • Only one gift voucher/discount code can be used per order.

Do you have more than one gift voucher/discount code that you would like to use on a single order?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to stack discount codes. However, if you have several working codes which you would like to apply to a single order, please contact our support team. Our agents can merge your codes into one single new code with the total amount of all combined codes.