Loyalty points

How can I save loyalty points?

First, you need to register and be logged into your account. You'll need to go to this page first.
Go to 'My Account / Register'. Then you need to verify your phone number in your account. Logged into your account go to 'Account information' in the menu. Be sure your phone number is correct and click 'Save'. After you have successfully registered your phone, you can see your point balance under 'Rewards'.

For every $ (USD) you spend at Dartshopper, you'll save up to 6% in the form of loyalty points. This means that for every $1.00, you save 5 loyalty points. For example, if you place an order of $250.00, you'll receive 1250 loyalty points (you can use these points as a discount of $5.00  when placing a new order in the shopping cart).