Shipping Information

My order was shipped but has not been delivered yet

Sometimes, it is possible your parcel may be experiencing some delays. This could have several reasons and in most cases is caused by internal issues within the postal carrier's network.

Extreme local weather conditions, strikes, and of course, the holiday season, (which lasts from Black Friday up to early February), can be reasons your parcel is experiencing delays. Sometimes it happens for reasons unknown within the postal carrier's network. Unfortunately, we have no control over these delays in most cases.

In 99% of all reported transit delays, the package still gets delivered, usually a few days later.

Be advised that our postal carriers will always do their best to deliver your order within the specified time frame as portrayed on our site.

If your parcel is being stuck in transit for a significantly long time, or have other reasons to believe something is wrong, please feel free to contact our support team.