Payment Methods

Credit card VISA & Mastercard payments


Creditcard VISA & Mastercard  

Our credit card transfers are run through payment platforms MultiSafePay and Pay.  Please carefully follow the instructions provided in your payment window when using these services to finish your payment. Only when MultiSafepay or Pay has registered your transaction, your order will be processed through our system.
Be advised that when using a credit card that is registered in a different country as opposed to the one you are using it in at the time of purchase may lead to our payment platform(s) putting your transfer on hold until further notice. When this happens, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Why choose credit card payments?

  • Using your credit card to purchase your goods at is always free of charge
  • Orders that are successfully placed with a credit card before 10 PM on business days are always shipped the same day
  • Credit card information is always safely protected by