Order status

I never received an order confirmation in my mail, what is the status of my order?

After successfully providing payment for your order, your order will be placed and an automatic confirmation e-mail will be disputed which contains your order status and your invoice.

Once your order has been processed in our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with additional details regarding the transit process of your order, which can be tracked with the track & trace link that has been provided.

Be aware that when you're in the payment window, you may receive an automated thank you mail, as our system gets triggered before the actual payment has succeeded. Keep in mind that this is NOT your order confirmation, and does not guarantee your order has been placed.

Did you not receive an order confirmation in your mail? This may have several reasons.

The most common reason is a typing mistake in the e-mail address you provided us with when placing your order. 

Luckily, this can easily be resolved by simply contacting our support team about this. In most cases, we will be able to recover your order by using your full name.

Another reason may be that your payment was declined. In this case, we kindly ask you to check your bank account. Based on the payment method you used, the deducted amount should be visible on your account immediately. If it hasn't, chances are we did not receive your payment.

It could also be that you tried to place an order while providing payment through your credit card. If the credit card in question is being used in a different country other than the one it was distributed from, or the account holder's name does not align with the name details provided with your order, our payment platform may keep your payment on hold due to a possible fraud match. This may result in your order not being processed while the amount for your order has still been taken from your bank account.
If you have reasons to believe this is the case, please make sure to contact our customer support team for further assistance.